My wishlist of #monsterhigh and #everafterhigh! I never imagine that my doll collection will get this large. I already have 10 #mh 3 #eah and 3 #novistar. I still need buy one Pullip and one Taeyang that it’s my dream! And perhaps a Dal.and I already have a few mh and eah that wasn’t released yet that I want as well.. oO

I have problems.. :v

Ok I know that I promised post 3 times per day but I’m still kind of sad with a few things. . So First I will post a few edits.. and so just after start to post my pics. ^^”

#monsterhighdolls #mhdolls #wishlist #everafterhighdolls

Sorry for don’t update for so long. Even that I have a few pics to post. I kind lost the vibe. Because of a few people. But I am back. And I aren’t let they win!
I will try to post 3 pictures per day so I don’t flood the timeline to much and post everything that I have here.

So this edit is in tribute to my favorite boybands in the world!

The cool part that’s now I have a Brazillian boyband representative in the group.Before I just have a American #backstreetboys that I am a fan since 1997, a Koreian #DBSK #DongBangShinKi that I am a fan since 2006 and a British #thewanted that I am a fan since 2012! For the first Time I have a favorite boyband that’s brazilian and pretty cool! Their influences are from the k idols and from the teen pop and boybands from the end of the 90’s! They call themselves Champs! And Champers is the fandom!^^ Dynamite is their first single! I will tag their instagrans on the edit! Be my guest and search about them! My favorites are Ricky, Kenji and Iago. But Shi and Diego are amazing and they are growing in my heart ♥! #champs #champsband #champers #bpop

My first baby boy! *—* He is sooo cute! I am in loce ♥_♡#invisibilky #monsterhigh #monsterhighdolls #mhdolls

This I bougth a few weeks a go and forget to post here! ^^”
It’s a cup cake pad! And the dvd of How to train your dragon.. So I am officially in the fandom.. :v #cupcake #howtotrainyourdragon #httyd

A few thinks that I bought today! *—-*
My Invisi Billy and the new magic of the cinema. With the last two movies in it and Demigods and monsters. About Percy jackson! #percyjackson #monsterhigh #invisibilly #harrypotter

My #SteamPunk #Batgirl! *-*

I don’t find the mask so for the Comic Con RS in my state I will make upgrades on this cosplay because I love it!^^

Here a few pics of the meeting today! For more u can went to my page
#encontrocosplayerdepelotas #dianacionaldocosplayer #cosplay #pelotasrs #kingdomspel

This is the cosplayers in the meeting today celebrating the Nacional Cosplayer Day!
We are a smal town and its in a public park. So the reasons of not have to many cosplayers. But in or Third edition it’s the biggest crowd that we have in a meeting. But this pic it just the cosplayers. We have much more fans/nerds/geeks/otakus in the meeting!^^ I am here to do a few thanks and now I am going to write in portuguese hehe!^^

Galere.. eu comecei a fazer encontro de fans de cultura pop japonesa em 2008.. na epoca só ia umas 3 pessoas de cosplay por encontro e olhe la. Hoje fomos 20.. sem contar mais uns 80 simpatizantes.
É muito tri ver a cena crescer. É claro, Temos o Bomb e tivemos o ATri. Mas essas são ocasiões especiais. Os encontros cosplayers e os Otaku Meeting Pel são menores ainda assim a cada edição crescem cada vez mais. Hoje fui desmotivada achando que n ia ir ninguém por causa dos percaustos de data e td. Me deparei com uma agradavel surpresa! Obrigada a todos q foram!
E que no próximo sejam 200.. ou 300! Sei que somos tantos para cumprir essa meta!

O 14° Otaku Meeting Pel esta vindo ae. Desta vez o encontro não é voltado só para cosplay.
Teremos varias atividades e atrações fiquem atentos, pois novidades estão por vir! O/

#encontrocosplayerdepelotas #dianacionaldocosplayer #brnacionalcosplayerday #cosplay #pelotasrs

And so… My planed cosplay for Tomorrow doesn’t get finish in time. So I will let him for the JediCon of my state, that will be placed in or capital.

And I was talking with my friend Izzy and trying to figure what the hell I was going to use Tomorrow. I don’t have any new cosplay. And I have a problem I don’t like to repeat costumes. Of course that already happens of reppeting a cosplay or a outfit. But I don’t like it :v.

But the thing is.. I never make a outfit or a cosplay from zero. I meam, I never do it from de begining to the end. I always re use things that I already have and just put something new or even that. Just put together everything. This was the case today. That Batman t-shirt.. I even can’t use anymore because it all messy.

The thing is I was try to do cosplays from zero. My next one is the first. But yeah.. do this things that I do with normal stuff but that put together and create a entire diferent thing.. Is my thing! That’s my call. Not be perfect and a clone of the caracter. But use creativite and create something new and bright! At least for me!

The mask for the Batgirl I will buy tomorrow on a mall near my house because I decide to do this outfit a few minutes a go.

That’s my thing with cosplaying. . Be criative, have fun and be bright!

#cosplay #steampunk #batgirl #chubbycosplay #plussize #batman

Tomorrow I have the Third Cosplayer meeting in my town and we will be celebrating the Nacional Cosplayer Day!^^

Hoje Sábado tem o 3° Encontro Cosplayer de Pelotas - Dia Nacional dos Cosplayers.
E fiquei muito feliz q mais de 200 pessoas confirmaram presença! Se um terço disso for ja fico feliz! O/ nesse momentos ja até passou de 200 confirmações! ^^

Espero e vejo tds vcs la! ^^
#encontrocosplayerdepelotas #dianacionaldocosplayer #cosplay #pelotasrs #pelotascity