My first baby boy! *—* He is sooo cute! I am in loce ♥_♡#invisibilky #monsterhigh #monsterhighdolls #mhdolls

This I bougth a few weeks a go and forget to post here! ^^”
It’s a cup cake pad! And the dvd of How to train your dragon.. So I am officially in the fandom.. :v #cupcake #howtotrainyourdragon #httyd

A few thinks that I bought today! *—-*
My Invisi Billy and the new magic of the cinema. With the last two movies in it and Demigods and monsters. About Percy jackson! #percyjackson #monsterhigh #invisibilly #harrypotter

My #SteamPunk #Batgirl! *-*

I don’t find the mask so for the Comic Con RS in my state I will make upgrades on this cosplay because I love it!^^

Here a few pics of the meeting today! For more u can went to my page
#encontrocosplayerdepelotas #dianacionaldocosplayer #cosplay #pelotasrs #kingdomspel

This is the cosplayers in the meeting today celebrating the Nacional Cosplayer Day!
We are a smal town and its in a public park. So the reasons of not have to many cosplayers. But in or Third edition it’s the biggest crowd that we have in a meeting. But this pic it just the cosplayers. We have much more fans/nerds/geeks/otakus in the meeting!^^ I am here to do a few thanks and now I am going to write in portuguese hehe!^^

Galere.. eu comecei a fazer encontro de fans de cultura pop japonesa em 2008.. na epoca só ia umas 3 pessoas de cosplay por encontro e olhe la. Hoje fomos 20.. sem contar mais uns 80 simpatizantes.
É muito tri ver a cena crescer. É claro, Temos o Bomb e tivemos o ATri. Mas essas são ocasiões especiais. Os encontros cosplayers e os Otaku Meeting Pel são menores ainda assim a cada edição crescem cada vez mais. Hoje fui desmotivada achando que n ia ir ninguém por causa dos percaustos de data e td. Me deparei com uma agradavel surpresa! Obrigada a todos q foram!
E que no próximo sejam 200.. ou 300! Sei que somos tantos para cumprir essa meta!

O 14° Otaku Meeting Pel esta vindo ae. Desta vez o encontro não é voltado só para cosplay.
Teremos varias atividades e atrações fiquem atentos, pois novidades estão por vir! O/

#encontrocosplayerdepelotas #dianacionaldocosplayer #brnacionalcosplayerday #cosplay #pelotasrs

And so… My planed cosplay for Tomorrow doesn’t get finish in time. So I will let him for the JediCon of my state, that will be placed in or capital.

And I was talking with my friend Izzy and trying to figure what the hell I was going to use Tomorrow. I don’t have any new cosplay. And I have a problem I don’t like to repeat costumes. Of course that already happens of reppeting a cosplay or a outfit. But I don’t like it :v.

But the thing is.. I never make a outfit or a cosplay from zero. I meam, I never do it from de begining to the end. I always re use things that I already have and just put something new or even that. Just put together everything. This was the case today. That Batman t-shirt.. I even can’t use anymore because it all messy.

The thing is I was try to do cosplays from zero. My next one is the first. But yeah.. do this things that I do with normal stuff but that put together and create a entire diferent thing.. Is my thing! That’s my call. Not be perfect and a clone of the caracter. But use creativite and create something new and bright! At least for me!

The mask for the Batgirl I will buy tomorrow on a mall near my house because I decide to do this outfit a few minutes a go.

That’s my thing with cosplaying. . Be criative, have fun and be bright!

#cosplay #steampunk #batgirl #chubbycosplay #plussize #batman

Tomorrow I have the Third Cosplayer meeting in my town and we will be celebrating the Nacional Cosplayer Day!^^

Hoje Sábado tem o 3° Encontro Cosplayer de Pelotas - Dia Nacional dos Cosplayers.
E fiquei muito feliz q mais de 200 pessoas confirmaram presença! Se um terço disso for ja fico feliz! O/ nesse momentos ja até passou de 200 confirmações! ^^

Espero e vejo tds vcs la! ^^
#encontrocosplayerdepelotas #dianacionaldocosplayer #cosplay #pelotasrs #pelotascity

This is a Fake Lagoona Blue. But I like the way I edit this picture hehe. It’s cool, play around with this edits apps. I use picarts, instasquare, in this but I also use most part of time lime camera, piclab, instaframe and a few more!*-* They are great! ^^